Do you feel that you need more money so that you can fulfill your dreams? Or are you not making enough to balance the family budget? Imagine if you could easily have extra income, like Maggie.

How to earn extra income easily

It's a few years since my friend Maggie, living in Europe, came to me and casually complained: "I really wanted to go on vacation to the Dominican Republic. Those infinitely long, white sandy beaches, azure blue sea and coconut trees swaying in the wind. " Her eyes were closed and I felt that she was not with me in my living room, but in a tropical paradise. But then she opened her eyes and looked sad.

"Will you go?" I asked.

"Are you crazy? Where would the money come from?" And so we started looking for opportunities for her to increase her income and fulfill her dream.

What will I sacrifice?

There are options to learn a lot of money. Each of our family conditions are different, and it is up to us what we are willing to sacrifice for extra money. Children, relationships, friends, or time for yourself? Maggie still had no children, but she knew that running from job to job was not for her. She liked her hobbies, spending time with friends and especially wanted to travel around the world.

What are my options?

We reviewed her options. You could say that they were severely limited because when she wanted to travel, she could not go to work, right? But the opposite was true. Maggie is sociable and she likes getting to know new people. She did not mind sharing her privacy. In her apartment she had an extra bedroom, which was beneficial when her parents, who lived at the other end of the state, came to visit. This happened about twicea year.

Rent an apartment? I have no money!

Most people think that renting is a big investment in a house, with finding tenants and the complex problems associated with them. I showed Maggie a website that lists travelers who are looking for accommodation, along with the property owners who rent. Not everyone always wants to rent a whole apartment. In particular, young people want to learn about the culture of the place to which they came, and they prefer a room in an apartment with the owner and the possibility to interact with everyday life or have a city guide.

Earning even when traveling!

Maggie was thrilled. "This is amazing! I can rent my spare room, and when I travel I can rent the whole apartment!" We celebrated the solution that we found for her.

Over the past few years, Maggie has fulfilled a lot of dreams. From the Dominican Republic, she then went to Haiti, Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico. A short vacation became a two-month adventure that she could afford not only because she found cheap (but fantastic) accommodations, but mainly because she found the possibility to earn extra money even when she was traveling and not working.

Today she has two apartments.

Out of the rental income that she acquired, she paid a deposit on a second apartment and paid the rest of the mortgage. She has had so many visitors that she not only covers the mortgage payment, but has more income on top of that. She is happy that she can fulfill her dreams and is beginning to think about starting a family and buying a bigger apartment. In addition, she has two small apartments she can rent out.

Sometimes it may seem difficult to do something new and unknown. Our fears, comfort and feeling that if we live like neighbors and friends, it is right, bind us very much. And we too work hard in jobs we don’t like in order to keep up with our neighbors even when we cannot afford it. But when we dare to step out of our comfort zone, we find something amazing. Little by little we discover a whole new world where there is no paycheck to paycheck living, but a full-fledged life and realizing our dreams.