I'm happiest when I look at my children as they play and are happy because they have their parents with them and nothing worries them. I need not have two jobs or sit in an office till nighttime to support my family. I do not panic when I look at my bank or credit card statement. I enjoy time with my kids, tender moments with my partner and still have enough for myself.

I've always gravitated more toward money than academic education. I felt that what they teach I do not use very much in my life, and they don’t tell me the important things.

I grew up in a small village. Although my parents worked hard at their jobs, we never had much money. I did not receive regular pocket money, and when my parents got some money, it was not much. We had to save (for what no one ever told me), and so it was that I did not have enough money even for ice cream.

My parents worked really hard. Dad drove home only on weekends and Mom was at work from morning till night. School holidays I spent with my grandmother. I loved her with all my heart, but I missed my parents very much. I so much wanted to spend time with them as well.

And so I tried to help with the family income as soon as possible. From lessons from school and from the model that I had at home, I thought that the only correct way of living was to find a job and work hard for my employers. Entrepreneurs and businessmen were all crooks and bandits.

But because my parents saw future only in academic education, I went to university. I was not there very long, because my single part time job was replaced by a full time job.

Maternity leave was salvation to me. I started thinking about the future and especially about what I wanted for my child. And I came to the conclusion that school - work - accounts - retirement was definitely not what I wanted.

I began to look for opportunities and studied the world of money. I attended courses, seminars, and I read books. At the time I established my first company, went back to university, and on top of that became pregnant again.

Today I own 3 successful companies, I graduated with two university degrees (economics and education) and I have 3 beautiful children.

Because I know that just as it is important that young children learn to read and write, it is important to educate them in the area of money, I put together a group of parents who, together with myself, produce the books for Baby Falcon Books for children whose parents want to give them the most important thing in life (after love, of course).

But even adults who have not had the good fortune to be taught about money at an early age want to do something with their lives. And so, I’ve created this blog to help you in the jungle called "World of Money." Using this blog, you can redirect your life and run toward doing things that you enjoy instead of things you have to do to pay your bills.