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Why Should I Teach My Child About Money?

Have you ever been shopping with your little girl or boy, and their eyes light up at the sight of some toy? “Please, could you buy it for me?” they plead, pushing the (probably overpriced) plastic thing towards you.

What do you say? Assuming you don’t give in, how do you justify seeming like a scrooge towards your young beloved one?

It’s situations like this that might inspire children to start thinking about money. You could take advantage of these moments with helpful, pragmatic explanations about what money is and how to manage it wisely.

Financial Freedom Means a Better Life and Future

Do you control your money or does your money control you? Be honest ... do you wish the same for your child?

Isn’t a brighter future your greatest hope for the little one you love?

But do kids really need to learn how money works? Well, the sooner they understand how things like wages and savings operate in the world, the sooner they will be prepared to make wise financial choices. And early, savvy decisions about money can certainly lead to more happiness and fulfilment in the long term.

Thanks to that, THEY will be the master of their life ... NOT money.

1st Child-Friendly Books about Money

Are you up for such a challenge? No worries! Our books can help you introduce vital concepts about money in a fun, child-friendly way.

Take the first step towards a better financial future for your child. Add our first series of books to your basket. Treat your child to lovely, interactive stories. Together you can get to know a talented parrot and his pals in the rain forest—and most importantly, you’ll open your child’s mind about the importance of money.



What Our Customers Say

It’s such a wonderful idea to let a child illustrate a book. My 6 year old daughter is excited. She is so proud of her work and shows it to everyone wherever she goes. The beautiful verses have taught her that everyone in the world is talented in their own way. And we have realized that we should encourage her more in what she enjoys. I thank the authors for the opportunity to be thoughtful.

Susan B.

Our 10 year old son cannot let go of the book. He reads it all the time and tries new options. He is thrilled to be able to help Aro in making decisions. And what‘s more, he has learned a lot about the value of money. We are looking forward to the next series.

George A.

We have always thought that being unhappy at work is normal. We do not go to work for fun, but to make a living. These books have shown us the bad example we gave our children. We started talking more about them and about their work, and we think we will start doing business. And it seems that the children's access to us and money has improved.

John and Jasmine P.

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